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Sandymouth Swim believes that the number one issue facing the planet today is the climate crisis.

The fashion industry is a huge contributor, consuming more energy than the aviation and shipping industry combined. 

We are here to disrupt the fast fashion industry by offering an 

eco-conscious alternative to women who care about the impact their choices have on our environment. 

We want to change the question from “Who are you wearing?” to “WHAT are you wearing?”

Most bikinis are made using nylon, a type of plastic, made from petrochemicals. 

Extracting and processing the raw material is highly energy-intensive.

In addition, nylon is not biodegradable and will persist in the environment for EVER!!

Our products are made using 100% ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

Nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world is transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

It's exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again.

That means we can create new products without having to use new resources.

How AWESOME is that??

We work with organisations to further the fight against plastic pollution

We have partnered with Healthy Seas and committed to giving 1% of our sales to this amazing organisation, whose mission is to remove as much plastic from our oceans as possible. They work with AQUAFIL to supply them with the ocean waste necessary to make their awesome regenerated nylon.

Locally sourced, sustainable printing and packaging

We work with amazing local printers who offer the reusable bags, recyclable envelopes and seed paper that we use to package and post our products.

We choose our suppliers carefully

Our bikinis are made by amazing artisans in Bali, Indonesia, who maintain the highest ethical standards and champion sustainability. They do this by:

  • Using ECONYL® regenerated nylon and REPREVE® to give their customers the best eco-friendly fabric options.

  • Making all fabric prints using eco-ink, offering paper hygiene liners instead of plastic and using bio-degradable packaging.

  • Recycling their own waste fabric.

  • Minimising the use of single-serving plastics at their premises - all staff are given free metal water bottles, and are educated about waste management at work and home.

  • Donating 10 cents from every bikini made to support the work of Bali’s ROLE Foundation. This contribution comes entirely from their own profits. ROLE Foundation run a zero waste facility and environmental development programs in Bali. Their vision supports zero waste to oceans, sustainable businesses for coastal communities, and women’s business education and development.

  • Providing exceptional working conditions. They far exceed minimum labour standards in their business, production and sourcing practices. Everyone is also provided with comprehensive health insurance for themselves and their family and paid an extra month salary yearly. They deliver ongoing employee engagement in business development and decision making; and provide opportunities for training, capacity building and personal development. 

Carbon is NOT cool

It's not enough just to use sustainable raw materials, we are also investing in programs that replace the resources we've spent, which is where Carbon Offsets come in! Yay!

Fashion IS circular

The fashion industry contributes to around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions due to its use of unsustainable raw materials, long supply chains and energy intensive production.

Our dream is to create a closed loop regeneration process thereby reducing our carbon footprint. 

Our bikinis are durable but once you are finished with it donate it or recycle it! If you send it back to us we will make sure it is recycled and give you a discount code for your next purchase to say thanks!

Sustainability is constantly evolving

We have a confession to make - we aren't perfectly sustainable. Not even close.

The truth is we are two sisters who care about the environment and want to create a brand that puts sustainability at the heart of everything.

But this concept is an evolving one and we don't have all the answers right now.

So we want to connect with you and hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve.  

That way, we will create a sisterhood of women who care about our planet and implement positive change.

We can't wait for you to join our sisterhood!

Good vibes and kisses,

Sara & Phoebe


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